Tulips, wooden shoes, cheese, windmills Delft Blue earthenware, bicycles and Old Masters are some of the things the Netherlands are famous for. They also produce and export talented actresses like Antje Boermans.  She is an established and very well trained thespian who has a career in Holland and has done a ton of movies and TV shows.

She starred in the movie Fissa and the Dutch hit TV series Noord Zuid, which is an exciting show about a female psychologist who is also a police detective. Accused was shot in the Netherlands and is about a District Attorney who puts a serial killer in prison only to discover evidence that may prove her innocence. Antje plays a young prostitute in that film and it showcases her wide range of acting skills.

As you can see Antje has been acting so long now, since the age of three, that she can fully inhabit any part she is given. She is at the top of her craft and she exhibits it with great talent and humility. She calmly walks on the set, hits her mark, says her lines and then continues to be that character even if she has no more dialogue in the scene and we are blown away by all the power she can put into those seemingly simple and uncomplicated actions.

Each time we see Antje , she is someone else (in character) and she never gets out of character until the director says, “Cut.” She is the prime example of what an actress should be: professional believable, hardworking and prepared at all times. She can even improvise without missing a beat. She showed all of these qualities early on in her young career when she was just a girl in the film Zus & Zo and that film went on to be nominated at the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film. Her acting ability is unlimited and will take her to all the major award venues.

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