An Interview with Hayley Angela Gilbert a Professional actress born in the UK

Hayley Angela Gilbert
Today in our interview section we have with us Hayley Angela Gilbert
She is a professional actress born in the UK. Known for her vivid style, bright eyes and big smile. Hayley has built a successful career in the television, theatre, music and stand up comedy industries. Her lead credits includes hits such as The Diary of Anne Frank (in which she played Anne), Crime Team and she can be seen performing alongside celebrities such as Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff (She Wants Me).

First tell us about the start of your professional career?

Acting was always my passion. I loved playing different people and being in another world. I was always a bit of a clown growing up and would spend time in my room making up different characters. None of my family has ever been involved with the arts but I remember in the in playground and getting all my friends to improvise and put on shows.   I loved to make people laugh. I got a sense of satisfaction out of it.

I remember watching the TV series Clark Kent and I wanted to be Lois Lane. I just love living in another world and connecting with other actors in a scene. I love being on set and really developing a character. I would love to get into a long running TV series. I have had Television experience, I played a nurse for a while in Holby City, a flight attendant and the award winning TV Series ‘Mile High’ and I was the lead in a TV Series Crime Team which aired on Channel 4 in the UK. I love getting a script each week and finding out what next is going to happen to your character, you always think this is what is going to happen next but when you get the script, you think, wow I did not see that coming.

Tell us about recent projects?

Most recently I have been touring in standup comedy and working on commercials. I have two great comedy venues that I work with in Los Angeles. The Ha Ha Comedy Club and Flappers. I am currently working on a one woman show and recently hosted a red carpet event for DJ shorte at Warner Brothers. His channel has over 80 million viewers. Recently I also worked on a music video for a French Artist ‘Yuksek’ titled Sunrise. It has over a million views. It was great fun to make.

You have done versatile roles in comedy and acting. What kind of role you enjoy more?

People often say do you prefer comedy or drama genre. Honestly I love them both. With drama you can really tap into someone emotionally and challenge yourself as an actress. But even comedy has to have a certain amount of expertise. People just think you have to be funny or act stupid but a lot of it is about timing and being natural. You have to play it serious to a certain extent so it does not seem silly. I honestly just love the craft and feel in this day and age you really need to be versatile in both genres. The more tools you have the better. I would really like to book a sitcom that way you have the everyday seriousness of life but also use your comedic skills.

How did you build you comedy and acting skills?

I never imagined that I would do standup comedy. It was never something that I could see or even think of doing. But I am originally from London   and since living in Los Angeles there are so many standup comedy clubs improve events etc. I kept going to these standup shows thinking I could do that. So I spent time writing, coming up with some funny material, mainly about my life and the differences of living in the U.S. VS England. Then one day I got booked and had a bottle of margarita and hit the stage. A lot of people were surprised at my performance but I had so many years experience of being on the stand and performing comedy plays, that it came natural to me. You just   have a little more pressure as it’s just you and no partner to fall on. I had great reactions from people and have kept pursing it.

What's the best thing about being a comedian?

For me the best thing about being a comedian and actress is that you have a voice. You can send a message to someone through different forms of media or you can turn they bad day around with a laugh or some form of escapism. I also love it when people react to your performance; it’s just great to hear that all your hard work has paid off. One of things that I always mention with standup comedy is that everyone no matter who you are wants to have a laugh. We all want to be happy and I love it when I am on stage and I get laughter or someone in the audience shouts something out and I react with them. It’s all about having a good time. And at the end of the night, I know people are going home a little happier. I believe laughter is the medicine anyone can offer you.

How did you develop your comedy and acting skills to this extent?

I studied acting at Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead Berkshire back in the UK. Sincebeing in Los Angeles I have trained with the Groundlings, Margie Haber and The Baron Brown Institute.

I did not really train in standup comedy. I think stand up is more about your opinions and your personality is what you bring to it. You have to be you and be an open book. My best advice to anyone is really just to get out there and perform it’s the best training ground. I had years of experience in repertory theatre and it was very demanding, but performing in front of an audience is the best training than being in a classroom. But you still need a solid foundation so training is important.

We came to know about your next stand up co med show on the 27th of March at The Ha Ha Comedy Club in Los Angeles, our readers would like to know about it?

My next show is Hayley’s Comedy Cocktails; I am the Emcee of the show. It has a great line up for anyone that lives in Los Angeles. We have Erik Myers, Shang Forbes, The Boob’e Sisters and Miss Kitty. The Boob’e sisters are singing diva’s with a twist. I am really looking forward to it. It will be a fun night. It’s our fourth show and the audience is always great. We have been getting great feedback on social media, so I am excited for the next show. People in LA can inbox me for free guest list at: or visit

You can also see me being a Judge for on the 10th of March at The Stir Lounge in Sherman Oaks. If anyone is in LA and would love to audition please visit the site. There are going to be many auditions nationwide up until September 2017 with cash prizes and another of management.

What do you hope to achieve next?

Well I am in talks about a movie so they are waiting for the green light. I am working on my standup comedy and hope to get a special and I have some projects that I have written, so I am looking to get them produced. I am also learning to play the ukulele, for my musical act and one woman show later this year.

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