Ashley Graham Defends Her Vogue Cover Stance

Ashley Graham and Gigi Hadid beg the question: How long is too long for an arm?


Vogue unveiled its March cover featuring seven diverse models dressed in colourful high-waisted shorts and black turtlenecks this week. Although the response was positive, comment sections have been rife with speculation about the stances of Ashley Graham and Gigi Hadid. Graham, a plus-size model, is the only woman to have her arm down with it covering her thigh and Hadid’s arm is extended beyond what seems reasonable to cover part of Graham’s stomach, igniting claims that there was heavy-handed Photoshopping. In response to one fan’s comment about her pose, Graham set the record straight, saying, “I chose to pose like one told me to do anything.” Now that that’s settled, it’s onto Kendall Jenner‘s bemused expression: What’s going on there? [People]


So, was there a blizzard a couple months ago that forced celeb couples to shack up? Because all signs point to yes. Thanks to a certain floral photo shoot, everyone knows Bey is having twins, but the baby boom continues with Madonna, who announced on Wednesday that she adopted twin girls from Malawi, and Amal and George Clooney, who are also expecting twins in June. “I was working with him last fall and he pulled me aside on set and I almost started crying,” George’s pal Matt Damon recalled about receiving the news. To add to the list: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Whitney Port. Both announced they’re expecting their first child this week. [BBC]


In addition to a new lookCalvin Klein has a new logo. The all-caps type is referred to as “A return to the spirit of the original. An acknowledgement of the founder and foundations of the fashion house,” on Instagram. So, yes, you should run to the nearest store and scoop up all the essentially vintage merch you can…in addition to everything Raf Simons has to offer in his debut collection, which showed at NYFW Friday morning. Watch the show here[Teen Vogue]


There are many reasons to love British Colombia: the food, proximity to the ocean, casual vibes, skiing etc. But, beauty-lovers take note, because Richmond, B.C. boasts Skinceuticals‘ first boutique and Professional Glow Room in North America at CF Richmond Centre Mall. Dubbed SkinCeuticals by Project Skin, the space offers clinical services and medical aesthetic treatments like antioxidant peels, dermaplanning and light therapy. Of course, the Skinceutical lineup will be there in all its glory. The expansion opens on February 17, so there’s still time to book a ticket for the launch, if needed. (Your skin will thank you.) [The Kit Inbox]

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