How to Low-Key Dress for Valentine’s Day

Truth be told, I’m not a dreamy-Valentine’s-Day type of woman. Sure, I appreciate a dinner out and relish any opportunity to spend some time with my husband—especially when it doesn’t revolve around scheduling errands or daycare pickups. But I am just a little too eye-rolly for traditional romantic gestures and can’t imagine the terrifying amounts of free time or organization one would need to procure fancy, pink lingerie—and remember to wear it. But this year, after witnessing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s crackling chemistry in La La Land (#oscars2017), I’m hoping to remember that love is lovely and some- times it’s important to make time for a little dancing. Since I’m still me, I’ll be picking up a Valentines Day outfit that includes comfort- able menswear-inspired mules, a classic dress fit for fan kicks (but that also won’t wrinkle when I travel with it later for a work event) and a few sparkly hairpins I can stash in my bag for hair-in-my-face emergencies. Plus: a page-turning new novel (by my favourite Canadian author) and a must-listen-to Grammy-nominated album will continue the jazzy mood long after February.

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