We saw Demons the other night and it was a pretty effective film. The premise was interesting: a rock band records their new album in an abandoned house and then they have to put up with their strange manager’s offbeat behavior. He just happens to be a Satanist who is attempting to open the gates of hell! Well, the movie was fun and scary and we got to see an actress that we’ve been following for some time: Anne-Sophie Niego.

Every time we see her we feel fortunate. She just walks into the scene, whether she’s playing the lead or not, and immediately brings a whole new dimension to the movie. She brings grace, beauty, talent, poise and presence. What a package! What an actress! Her accent, along with all the other attributes she brings along are all from France. Yes, that France. Anne-Sophie and her lovely French mannerisms seem to charm us every time we see her up on that big silver screen.

She did it when she was in the movie The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side, too. She also made us laugh. That was a great little comedy and Anne-Sophie achieved just what we assume the director, Anastasia Samorodskaya wanted her to. Anne-Sophie was subtle in her line delivery but no content or emotion was lost. On the contrary, her ingenius and quite sophisticated way of acting actually compels the audience to watch her every move to see what she will do next. Only the most experienced and capable actresses can do that.

Some of the other films Anne-Sophie has performed in have been: Leila, she had a leading role in that film about a Hollywood screenwriter who struggles with drugs a girlfriend and his delicate state of mind that can’t take the pressure and is spiraling out of control. Lost Angels was another showcase for Anne-Sophie that allowed her to demonstrate her great acting chops. A lot of people don’t know it but when they see Suit 7 Tie they will see Anne-Sophie at her best doing comedy. It’s a great story about a successful, arrogant man who meets his match when he bumps into a homeless guy who has more charm than a Shakespearean character.

She’s been in countless Commercials and Anne-Sophie is also a talented and in-demand voice-over artist. Her lovely voice has provided the narration for commercials for international brands such as, Chanel No 5, COURIR (Sportswear), SNCF (French National Railway) and Reichlinmeldegg. Anne-Sophie has a number of projects in development and we can’t wait to see or hear them.

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