Accomplished Entertainer Marc Schoettner

Accomplished actor and dancer of both television and the stage Marc Schoettner is set to return to the U.S. to continue his esteemed career and possibly give back to the actors of tomorrow. He first travelled to New York in the spring of 2015 where he trained for three months at the Susan Batson Studio in the heart of Manhattan with Susan Batson herself. Susan Batson is considered to be one of the most significant coaches in the world. In the summer 2016 Marc came back and trained with Susan Batson again. In both 2015 and 2016, Marc shot several unpaid short films, for example with the well-known director Ashleigh Coffelt.Their films went on to show at over 20 film festivals both internationally and nationally. One of the films, I For I won several awards including Best Director and Best Performance as part of the Creative Mind Group at the Festival de Cannes. Furthermore Marc came into conversation with casting directors and managers in New York and he was also suggested to apply for the famous Actors Studio.

Now Marc Schoettner plans on returning to New York in 2017 and possibly teaching with Susan Batson herself, educating the next generation of aspiring actors. Passing on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of performers would be truly exceptional. And that is not enough. Susan Batson offered Marc to produce his off-broadway one-man-show in New York City. This is exceptionally exciting news as Marc Schoettner is a tremendous actor and dancer in his own right.

His sheer talent garnered him his first theater engagement in 2005. For three years he played in six different musical productions, besides attending High School at the same time in order to earn his diploma. During his studies at internationally coveted universities he got a leading role in the popular german TV series Alles was zählt at RTL Television. RTL Television is a German commercial television network. lt is owned by the RTL Group and is, in terms of market share, Germany's largest private free-to-air broadcaster. For 13 months he played the coveted role of Lukas Levin. In March 2013 the Production Company started a new era in the series. Spectacular dance shows and innovative choreographies should be the new center in Alles was zählt. And therefore new actors with great dance skills had to be employed. Marc Schottner was the perfect fit to become the new lead.

After obtaining his Diploma of Acting Marc decided to go back to the Theater. He wanted to face the biggest challenge for an actor. A permanent position at a repertory theater. Since 2015 he has been playing various plays from contemporary literature to the classics of the world literature. In the summer of 2016 a new challenge awaited Marc Schottner. For the first time in German history, dance theater was to be shown on an open-air-stage. The play Blood Wedding" by Federico García Lorca should be directed as a play and dance theater in combination. Premiere was in July 2016 on the oldest open-air-stage in Germany, the Luisenburg Festpiele Wunsiedel. Apparently the leading role of Leonardo was written for Marc, especially in this production. During the castings for the play, Marc could easily get through, because the director could not find anyone else who could play and dance well enough. Except of Marc Schoettner and finally his excellent performance was awarded with the Young Talent Award 2016. His compelling acting as Leonardo was able to convince the jury. At home he, Leonardo, is an annoyed macho who takes no back talk but when in the arms of his first love he becomes passionate and affectionate. Schoettner was not just able to bring this across in the words from Federico García Lorca but also through movement and intoxicating dance scenes. He was able to create the balance between acting and dance.

His level of dedication to the art of performing is shown through his sheer desire and work ethic. To obtain ones goals, one must strive for what they want constantly setting the bar high and reaching for goals. Schoettner did just that. One of his most admirable qualities is the fact that he is willing to give back with to the creative community from his own plethora of knowledge. We can therefore be curious about what awaits him in America.

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