An Interview With Audio Engineer And Record Producer Ikuma Matsuda

Ikuma Matsuda
Photo by: Haruhito Tomomitsu

Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when you first got into music and audio production:
My name is Ikuma Matsuda and I’m a record producer and audio engineer, originally from Japan. I spent time in Boston and New York for my music education and then I came to LA two years ago. I have had many projects with major labels including, Interscope records, the Disney Channels and more.
What inspired your growing up to get into music? 
Beethoven is my hero. His life story is what inspired me. He lost his hearing at a very early stage of his life but he continued making music and his messages are extremely positive. The fact that almost 200 year old compositions gives me fresh inspirations and I can still feel the energy and power of his life through his composition. I absolutely aspire to be inspiring people through my music, as well.
What was the music scene like for you growing up? And what music do you remember the most, in particularly?
Rock and Classical Music is the most I listened to when I was teenager. I used to listen to Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses to Chopin and Beethoven.
What has been one of the biggest achievements/career highlights for you so far?
I played the guitar at T.D. Jakes service at church. It was the moment that I could see my music ability was inspiring other and was dramatically happening right in front of me. The experience that I had there was the most exciting and inspiring achievement I’d say.
What kind of training have you had if any?
I completed a Bachelor Degree in music. I studied things such as Jazz composition, & producing and audio engineering
What has been one of your favorite projects to work on so far?
I’ve been working with upcoming artist Andre Xcellence. We released his first single “Ram it Up” which has been featured in many blogs. The first show we did was a Grammy Celebration party Hosted by Shafiq Husayn from Sa-Ra creative partners. The music video will be shot by Lady Gaga’s creative team that directed and performed at the halftime show at super bowl this year. This project has been very exciting so far.
What are your future plans with your career? Is there anything else in particularly, that you would really like to accomplish?
I’d like to have RIAA certificated sales songs.
What is your advice to aspiring artists/producers wanting to get into the music business?
Music is a universal language and also an art. But, it requires a huge business aspect. For instance, you can find better hamburgers than McDonald’s in your city easily but McDonald’s hamburgers are the most sold burgers in the world. It’s hard to deal with mass audiences while staying in the artistic line. Nobody has the time to listen to 6 minute songs anymore. However, in 2017, people in Japan or any other country can access the music online. Music is a universal language, someone, somewhere on the earth is always listening to music. There is still a chance to make it happen in this tough music industry.

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