An interview with Deatrice Toney-Duncan the author of her honor’s secret

We recently interviewed Deatrice Toney-Duncan the author of her honor’s secret, one of the best and talented authors of our time.
Who is Darren Jennings?
Darren Jennings is a character based on someone very dear to me. I changed his name to protect his identity in Her Honor's Secret.

When did you start writing?
I started writing for real in junior high school and was accepted at The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) where I majored in Creative Writing

Is your book more fact than Friction? 
The book is equal parts fact and fiction but I'd rather not say which and leave that up to the readers to decide. 
How many books have you written so far?
Her Honor's Secret is my first book

Tell us briefly about Her Honor's Secret?
Her Honor's Secret is about Khrystyna Danielle Kendrick, a beautiful Creole Louisiana Supreme Court Justice is secretly married to convicted former New Orleans Police Detective Landon Drake, who has been sentenced to 30 years in a federal penitentiary for cocaine trafficking. She will stop at nothing including extortion, bribery, blackmail, voodoo and murder of some of the most powerful men in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and DC to secure him a full pardon.

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