Ellie Patrikios is such a talented actress. She has everything a producer or director could want in a leading lady. Besides her conspicuous attractiveness and her abundance of acting skills, she has one other thing that only a small percentage of actors have: Presence.

We saw a few clips from some of her films and were truly impressed by the way she can just “be” in the frame for some time and not say anything. Without saying a word – all eyes are on Ellie. At first, we thought it was her unique look that pulled our attention to her, but then it became unmistakably clear that she had presence, which most actors would pay a great deal of money to possess.

She not only has that “it” factor when she’s silent but it also shines through when her character begins to speak. Her accent is perfect, no matter where the character is from and her timing is always spot on. It’s as though she has become that persona that was written in the script.

Producers and directors must love working with this established professional because of what she brings to the table. Although she can deliver comedic performances when called for she really hits her mark when her characters have angst and deep feelings to conjure up. The audience is with her from the time she walks onto the set of a motion picture or a theatrical stage because she is totally believable in all of roles.

Some of Ellie’s movies are: The Grads, Our Humanity, She’s a Knockout, Cultifice, Pillow Talk, Viral Night, Singing in the Rain,  and Old Pals, to name just a few. Her commercial list is rather long so we’ll just mention some of the brands: Fox Sports, Air BnB, TIGI, Flash Tattoo, Samsung and Fayvo. For TV shows, we’ll just give you the highlights: Snowfall, for John Singleton and FX, The Millionaires on Funny or Die, BBC Proms, for BBC, and Barely Famous, for Good Clean Fun/VH1.

She also injects her “it” factor when she does voice-overs and web promos, including audiobooks such as; David Speight’s “Atlantis: Bearer of Fruit”.

She has attended extensive training and received degrees in acting at Hellenic College of London, Arts Educational School in the UK and New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

This year Ellie will have a couple new features debut: Body of Sin, directed by the Olson Brothers, Isla Vista: The Rock Opera directed by Adam Courtin.

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