Emma Croft: The Art of Creating a Character

Makeup & Hair Designer: Emma Croft

Emma Croft is a world renowned creative hair, makeup & FX designer. Based in London, Emma’s work covers the spectrum of television, film, music and commercials.

From an early age, Emma discovered her passion for the arts and film. She studied film production for before deciding that makeup and hair was her true passion and her path was in the film industry. Emma studied at the world-renowned London College of Fashion, where she learned the techniques and expertise of film-based hair, makeup and special effects makeup. Emma’s training continued with Neill Gorton at Gorton Studios. She also studied period hairstyling under Emmy nominated Lou Sheppard at Pinewood Studios and barbering at the award-winning Hair for Men Academy. As Emma states: “Continuous training is something I value very highly. You can never have too much knowledge. “


While her craft is technical, Emma applies a wealth of knowledge in beauty makeup, hairstyling and special makeup effects and prosthetics to execute designs with both precision and creativity. The art of creating a character through makeup, and giving the audience an opportunity to figure out a character’s entire back story just by looking at them, is something that has always compelled Emma as an artist. “There hasn’t been a job that hasn’t inspired me in some way.”

For her own personal taste, Emma prefers watching dramas which she believes are often less interesting in terms of makeup, but thinks a thriller or horror of course, can be quite exciting for makeup, ‘there’s always a bit of a rush when you read a script and discover all the problem solving and makeup challenges that lie ahead’. What puts Emma above every other creative artist and creator, is “being able to do a bit of everything, beauty makeup, hair styles or prosthetics.”  Makeup can help define what a character has been through and give the extra edge when portraying the character to the audience; storytelling is Emma’s biggest drive when it comes to makeup.

Emma’s credits include working with Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill), Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh) and BAFTA winner Lauren Socha (Misfits), and in television for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Discovery Channel. She has also worked with music superstars The Weeknd, Years & Years, One Direction and Noel Gallagher. Even more amazing, Emma was nominated for Best Styling in a Music Video at the 2017 UK Music Video Awards for her work on the video ‘Tyburn Jig’ by Police Dog Hogan. Emma Croft is a force to be reckoned with!

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