Please Love Ellen Even More When You See Her Stunning New Dishware Line

Who wouldn't just die to have Ellen DeGeneres come over for dinner? Can't you picture it? While noshing on appetizers, she would share incredible secrets about her best friends Justin Timberlake and Oprah. At dinner, she would suddenly pop up from under the table and scare the living day lights out of you as if you were on one of her show's Halloween episodes. And later on, during after-dinner drinks, you'd play the most unbelievable game of Heads Up! ever. It would be perfection. Unfortunately, Ms. DeGeneres is a little more than busy lately, and it may take some time for her to respond to your Paperless Post.
However, Ellen has come up with an alternative that she really believes you will love. The funniest woman on daytime TV has teamed up with the classic London dishware line Royal Doulton to create her very own tabletop collection. These clean midcentury designs debuted last month in Frankfurt, Germany, to industry folk at the largest home trade show in the world, Ambiente, and it was by far one of the most talked about releases. As you look though these photos, notice her use of African themes, cave drawings, gorgeous blues, and uplifting phrases, and you'll know why. You don't even have to make a talk show host's salary to afford these pieces. Prices range from $10 for a casual coffee mug to $43 for a large ceramic mixing bowl. Luckily, the line is now available for purchase at Royal Doulton online and Bed Bath & Beyond, so we can all have a touch of Ellen with our mashed potatoes. Life is good!