An Interview with Soumik the Founder of AAR Consultancy

We recently interviewed Soumik the Founder of AAR Consultancy a Singapore base Online Marketing Consultancy. AAR has done a lot of good work for various organizations and Soumik is ready to take you to the next phase of digital marketing. Scroll down with us, as Soumik tell you more about his book.

What led you in writing this particular book?

I have vast experience managing online marketing for companies. Some of the companies I worked and/or managed campaigns are Unilever, Nestle, IBM, Amex, SingTel, Guinness, Mothercare & more. Started a new company, and all through I realized so many do social marketing, without knowing what it is, what is required and how to do it. So this is my attempt in educating them.

Even as a consultant, I have seen so many companies trying to conquer the online space, especially social media.

The most common mistake they do is to decide themselves what needs to go out. They do not do ample research and listening to understand what their fans, followers and community wants. We need to be aware and realize that these are real people, at the other end of the computer. Their moods change, their day maybe good one day, bad the other, how they consume data differs, so there is no, 1 fixed formula for them and one should always have ears on the ground to understand what they want and cater to it. They delete complaints, ignore crisis, reply wrongly and it’s a mess.

Just having 100,000 fans is not enough anymore. How many of those are your customers, how many have converted, how many are engaged? Having 100,000 fans, who are not engaged, and not measuring their returns is like just having an event where people turn up only for the food, and no one is that interested in you, your company or your product.

I do corporate training and lectures, but writing a book would enable to reach wider audience to educate. If it helps even one person, I would feel myself satisfied.

Tell us some of your best-selling books?

This was my first attempt. I am writing another one for Google Search marketing. Namely search engine optimization and AdWords. Another aspect of marketing people jump into without know the best way to do it. Spend 1000s of dollars, get websites banned, poor ROI and stuff. Ya, it’s scary right? Hence my second book.

Give us an inside about your book?

Some of the golden questions of social media are: how to start pages? what is a global page? what are branch or regional pages? shall we consolidate our country pages in to a global page or leave it regionally? How to strategize different pages? How to upheld branding? How to get fans? How to engage? How best to do ads and their optimizations? How to reach perfect target audience? What works best, videos, posts, images? How to craft the perfect ad or message? How to handle complains and crisis? There are more questions like these, and my book gives step by step guides to all these.

How will your book help the world manage its social media crisis?

Any complains or crisis that may not happen through online first, can still spill over online and can escalate like wild fire. I have sample messages, steps that a company can take to manage it. One caution to all “Do Not Delete Negative Posts”. Along with step by step ways to deal with complains and crisis, I have shown ways how you can turn it to your advantage.

What is your advice to social media lovers?

 Social media is fun, but be careful, as whatever you post is out there. I have seen wrong posts, even if its deleted within seconds stay online forever to haunt you. It is a very powerful tool, but a tool that can destroy you within minutes. Like uncle Ben said to Peter Parker; “With great powers, come great responsibility”. That is very true, behave responsibly, and enjoy the power and fun component of Social Media.

What should your fans expect from you after now?

I am always open for seeking advice or guidance, should anyone want to learn more. I have given thousands of talks as keynotes, in schools, in exhibition and seminars and always with an open mind to help others. I am also writing other online marketing books which will be launched later on 2017. I guess my company: AAR Consultancy will keep on doing online consultancy and Training in Singapore. I started it last year, and I love doing this, esp since its named after my two-year-old son, Aarush.
Soumik Chakraborty,
AAR Consultancy.

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