The Impeccable Work Of Designer Hazel Baird

Hazel Baird
In today’s entertainment industry there is an ever growing need to enhance art direction encompassing graphic and visual design. This can range from animation in a video game, visual production for television and or ad campaign and even issues of print and online based media. Multitalented Emmy Award winning Art Director Hazel Baird is among the elite level of creative minds producing content in the visual aspect of the industry. From producing graphic design content, creating promos for a wide variety of consultancies and developing creative concepts, Baird has an extensive range of talents that are highly sought after.

Her main focus and true love is the creation of designs and concepts and seeing them come to life upon their completion and execution. Baird is also extremely well versed at leading teams while taking a hands on approach that bring to life creative concepts. Some of her esteemed accomplishments include World War II from Space. Her work on this particular project garnered her an Emmy for the achievement of Outstanding Graphic design and Art Direction. She has also worked on one of the most monumental video games in the history of gaming, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Other creative endeavors include collaborating with Graham Wood know for his poster campaign of the famed 1990’s film Trainspotting, starring Ewan McGregor. With Wood, she worked on a Debeers campaign at JWT in London. As well as Art Directing for the company Prologue where she worked on designing The 89th Academy Awards and the end title sequence to The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon side by side with Kyle Cooper, best known for opening title sequences in such films as Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Mission Impossible and Tron just to name drop a few.

From her early beginnings, Baird has been a success story. She graduated school with Honors and received a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design. Here impressive education continues, including earning a Directors Foundation Certificate at Raindance as well as a BETC National Diploma in Design. Her passion is simple, to create beautiful work. She not only pushes herself, but those around her to complete the task at hand. Her extensive knowledge of all things visual makes for incredible outcomes with undeniable success.

Hazel Baird continues to produce creative concepts far above the competition, in which she consistently outdoes others in her respective industry.  In the future we can expect to her to collaborate with others and innovate the always expanding entertainment industry with the immeasurable talents she has to offer.


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