We were looking at James Nitti’s IMDB page the other day and saw his impressive resumé and some of his photos. He certainly has the look of a young man who could play just about any role in any movie. He has that firmly sculpted tough guy jaw with a face that could be threatening while at the same time, some of his work reveal the truly sensitive side of this very well established British actor.

His resumé, although still expanding, was quite impressive also. He played Galahad in the movie Dragons of Camelot, George in the film Killing Remy, Sam in Between The Lines and he was in eight episodes of the hit TV series Teachers.  Two films that are scheduled for release this year that feature James Nitti in them are The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows and Locating Silver Lake. Working alongside Hollywood stars such as Emmy Award Nominee Finn Wittrock, BTVA award Winner Zelda Williams, BTVA Award Winner Marcelo Tubert to name just a few, Mr. Nitti clearly holds is own amongst the heavily seasoned Hollywood players.

Two other Feature films that James has coming up and the he plays the lead in are: Dead at 17 and Calculating Euphoria. Speaking of work in the pipeline, there is also a strong Hollywood rumor that James is set to make an appearance in the up and coming seasons of the hit TV Show- ‘Extinct’, although not confirmed, industry insiders are excited at the prospect of seeing James join the cast.

Mr. Nitti was also the star in a West End stage production of Dreamboats and Petticoats, in which he toured the UK and internationally for a year and a half, doing 8 shows a week. Yes, James can sing and dance as well as play serious roles in films of all kinds.

James was involved in a local television show when he was a young boy, and that, of course, fired his passion for acting and performing. He became a member of the National Youth Theatre and the National youth Musical Theatre where he would perform in national shows. He also trained professionally for three years at one of England’s top drama schools, the Guilford School of Acting.

Although James has had many acting experiences in a lot of different roles, one of his favorites is still the role of “Bobby Croft” in the West End stage production of Dreamboats and Petticoats. The 50s Rock n’ Roll musical was enormous fun for James and it allowed him to break out all of his musical talents as he sang and danced every night up on that stage in front of thousands of people . (He really is a musical talent – he plays the guitar, bass, piano and trumpet).

James has a lot of projects coming up in the near future and we can’t wait to see him in all of them.

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