Anna McNiven

Anna McNiven
Anna Mcniven, Burbank International Film Festival and Australian actress.

Anna McNiven: The Real Deal
There are a couple words one would use to describe Anna McNiven; driven, diverse, multi-talented, industrious, yet it would still not be scratching the surface. As an actress, director, default musician and dancer, Anna brings creativity and diversity to the Hollywood scene on a level which belongs to some of the best artists the industry has produced. She is as they say, the real deal.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Anna has always been oriented toward the arts, being a dancer since early childhood. She then moved to Los Angeles to further her career, endeavouring in both theatre and film and the rest is history, so to speak. Now as resumes go, Anna McNiven’s is a bit lengthy, featuring several accomplishments in different departments so we will only mention a few things. She has been involved in the following film projects including; The Appointment, Traded, Out Of The Mold and Captive and also in the romantic comedy dubbed ‘Chewy’. Anna has also had a hand in TV projects including the Chris Brodsky Show. Her stage play performances have been in a number of productions such as; Picassos Women at Hollywood Fringe Festival and Black Rock at the Matrix Theater Hollywood, directed by Catriona McKenzie. 

She is also working on a horror film project known as Noise Farm which is in the pre-production stage. She is playing one of the lead characters. The film is to be shot in upstate New York this year. Anna is also a judge and a board member of the Burbank International Film Festival which is going on from September 6th to 10th. This is going to be her second year on the board and it involves some organizing as pertains red carpet events and the promotion of the festival while also judging entries. In accordance with her accomplishments Anna's film the Appointment that she wrote, directed, produced and starred in, was screened at Cinema at the Edge Film Festival. 

As for special skills, Anna is versed in a number of accents as is expected of an actress of her calibre, she is an expert in various forms of dance from contemporary to tap and ballet. She also has instrumentation and vocals skill sets. Anna is definitely one of the most multi-talented people out there, but she is not just all work. She is currently in the beginning stages of working on a feature film based on the reality of sex slavery and human trafficking in America. This is a passion of hers which she believes needs to be talked about more on the right forums to create awareness of how serious the issue actually is. Most artists get caught up in rising in the industry before they are almost forcibly married to causes to bring out their human side. Here, Anna McNiven is the perfect example of a superwoman who manages to do it all while still championing a cause she believes in despite working on several other things at the same time.

Anna Grace McNiven

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