Nicholas Katsidis, a Powerful Name in Fitness

Nicholas Katsidis

Nicholas Katsidis, a Powerful Name in Fitness
Fitness professional, health expert and entrepreneur Nick Katsidis has become a phenomenon amongst his clients. After finding himself consistently in demand within his own growing business, Nick decided to spread his positive movement and practices to Los Angeles in order to learn how the fitness industry in the US was evolving. His unique training style combined with his personal connection with his clients will undoubtedly drive him closer to his vision of becoming a well sought after professional to the stars.
Nick’s goal was to head to the states and start networking to create international relations with other fitness professionals and coaches in the industry. After starting and operating his own successful practice in Melbourne, he decided to take the chance of a lifetime and leave Australia to begin his new success story in the US. Due to his unrivaled drive and unmatched work ethic, Nicholas quickly began to map out his path to success which would then include traveling to the UK for business mentoring followed by accepting a Strength Conditioning position in Melbourne while finalizing his Visa process.
The sky seems to be the limit for this young up and coming name in the fitness world and there is no shortage of opportunities on his plate. His infectious energy and passion to share his wealth of knowledge is more than motivating; his appetite for continued growth and the wellness of others is inspiring; and the determination of this coach is shared with the clients he trains. With goals of opening his own fitness club in LA once he establishes himself, I think it’s safe to say we will be seeing a lot more of Nicholas Katsidis.

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  1. Awesome read ! Inspiring to hear about people with a goal.