Riccardo Vino

Riccardo Vino

What can one say about a guy who has a great singing voice and the world at their feet? That interesting phrase simply means that one has achieved a great deal of success. Well, since we’re talking about Riccardo Vino, those words are pretty accurate. He has achieved a great deal of success and achieved quite a great deal. When he walks out onto a stage or recording studio he takes command of the room. And that’s Before he starts to sing. It’s not a negative kind of taking command - it is a very positive and welcoming kind of control that he exerts. He is just one of those rare nice guys who is graced with that special thing called presence.

All Riccardo has to do to get attention is to enter a room and people look at him with anticipation. Riccardo’s face exudes confidence and it also is the kind of face that is a thinking and feeling face, full of emotion even when he stares blankly at something. He has a face and a presence that compels people to look at him and expect that he will be doing something interesting in the next few moments. And they are always right about that.

Riccardo walks to the microphone and pauses. Then he looks around at every one in the room and then waits for the music to start. That’s his cue to sing and the audience’s cue to listen for that perfect sound coming from him. Once his singing begins the crowd realizes it is on a journey of enjoyable and magical entertainment for the time that they will be there. Riccardo is like the conductor on a train. He makes sure that you are not only enjoying your time spent with him but savoring every sweet minute of the trip.

If you were lucky enough to catch his show, Swing al Dente, you know what a joy it is to be in close proximity to this very talented musician and singer. Riccardo is good no matter where you see him though. We watched him sing a few songs on the Internet the other day and all his talent came through as if he was standing a foot away. He’s a real professional and each performance he gives is just as great as the last one. The reason for that is Riccardo gives 100% every single time he sings or plays a musical instrument. Would we expect less from such a consummate professional?

Authors' name: Sunshine Rodgers

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