The Incredible of Actor Koushik

Koushik is a passionate actor perhaps best known for his roles in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and Buddha in National Geographic’s The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, but he’s more than just a handsome face.

Born and raised in India, he received his PhD in South Africa, then worked and lectured as a scientist in human genetics. His first move was to the United States was Pittsbugh, then to Los Angeles, where an old love was rekindled—his love for acting. He’d harbored a desire to act since childhood, but his education took first place due to cultural pressure. Once in L.A., he pursued acting with fervent dedication, taking many acting, voice, improv, comedic, and drama courses to strengthen his talents.

His list of talents include sketch comedy, commercials, improv, voice work, TV, theater, and film; but those only tell half of his story. His screen presence is full of charm, charisma, and sensitivity; and his uncanny timing makes him a natural choice for any comedy, play, or film.

His list of feature films are as long as his short films. Clearly he’s an actor’s actor, willing to challenge himself in his roles and have a good time while doing so. He elevates every scene he’s in and draws you into his character and deeper into the story.

In his free time, he’s a passionate yogi, and is a part-time yoga instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. He’s made yoga a big part of his life for over 25 years, and began practicing it as a child.

Dr. Chattopadhyay brings a lot to the table when it comes to his projects, and he fully immerses himself in the social media experience when it comes to fellow actors and fans. His YouTube channel showcases just a few of his many styles and characters.

Some of his acting credits include The Book of the Damned, Bloody Hands, Karma Dog, I Believe, Above the High Road, Arrival: Common Ground, My Hollywood Dream Sucks, Mystery Diners, and America’s Court with Judge Ross.

The more you learn about Koushik, the more you realize that his own personal story would make a great Hollywood movie in itself. But when it comes to who would play the doctor-turned-actor, look no further than Koushik himself.

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