An Interview with Audrey Bennett

Audrey Bennett
First give us a brief description about your self.
*My name is Audrey Bennett. I am a lover of God and people, a wife, a mother to 3 amazing little ones, I run multiple businesses and I most definitely live in the fast lane lol

What is your YouTube channel all about?
*My channel is all about SEX, LOVE, AND RELATIONSHIPS

What roll do you play in the industry?
*MY GOAL. IS to empower those getting into relationships with the right tools, setting those that are in relationships already free and cause their relationships to thrive. I’m really just seeking to have open, honest conversations that people have avoided up until now. Especially, Christians!

What audience are you targeting?
*My targeted audience would be those dreaming of marriage someday and those already married!

How do you see the social media world?
*Social Media on one hand is like one of the best gifts the world has ever giving itself in my opinion. In times pasts I struggled with so many questions I could never get an answer to. To now be able to have access to a world of amazing human beings that are either able to point me in the right direction or answer my question is just amazing. It has its negatives but I feel the positive out way the bad.

What are you expectations from the people you want to reach out to?
*I would like for people to give me a chance to share me, my thoughts, my life, experiences, guest and much more with them.

What should your fans expect from you six months from now?
*Definitely a book, actually in middle of writing that now. Amazing content both on Facebook and YouTube. A skin care line…launching soon, speaking engagements and much more.

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