Annika Pallasch

Photo by William Terry

We got to see Annika Pallasch in a couple of her movies the other night and we just loved her and the films. What really surprised us was her impeccable English. It was American English with no accent whatsoever. She was one of the best we had ever seen or heard. Annika, of course, was born in Lübeck, Germany, which makes this beautiful and flawless transformation seem so miraculous.

Her acting, also, was on the superb side of the street. We already know that she is an established Los Angeles based actress, but now we know why she is.  She is an extraordinary actress whose talent can be positively compared with any of her peers.

Annika Pallasch hasn’t done a billion dollar earning movie yet, and we say yet seriously here because if you saw her resumé you would see that her movie trail is leading right up tothat caliber of film. Her performance in Strings, the feature-length film directed by Raaw Horan in which she plays the character Nancy, enables Annika to portray a fully fleshed out character in the less than two hours it was projected up on that big screen at the studio preview. Annika’s presence is amazing and her real talent of underplaying a role is exquisitely presented. The secret to great acting is not calling attention to one’s self but delivering real emotions with the minimum of movement. However Annika it – it truly works in her very capable hands.

We also got to see this well trained actress in a couple of short films, including Gooned, which once again showed off her thespian skills. We don’t dare call her a minimalist because in reality, she is not that at all. She is simply an actress – who knows how to bring a fully-rounded character from the playgrounds of her imagination into a believable reality. Some actresses in the 1930s and 40s were like that and there are a few nowadays who have the ability to do that. Annika seems to have that skill, which brings along with it a presence, which compels the audience to watch her to se what she will do next. We just hope Annika stays in the United States and continues to act. She is a very gifted artist who loves making movies and audiences love to watch her.

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