An interview with Alexandre Alonso

We came across a vasatile Producer and Actor called Alexandre Alonso, he is a producer and actor from Brazil. He has been the lead on BORN SPLENDID , a full length project directed by Lucas Acher, and have acted in short's like Cadillac Respect among side american household names. He has a channel on youtube of comedy sketches there where praised by Fernando Meirelles, director of CITY OF GOD. He is 22 years old. And this are some of the interview we had with Alex

How did you became an actor?
At an early age I started making home made videos acting. At age 10 I was at a community theater group.

What is your best moment on set?
 I would say Born Splendid, this movie set had an energy so incredible and fascinating. So acting among great actors there and the awesome technical staff was marvelous.

What inspire you when acting?
My feelings, the story that I'm supposed to give life. Before they roll I always feel tense, and I like this tension because it always brings something deep into our acting.

How do you manage being a producer and an actor, do you find it easy handling the two offices?
Well, if you can pass the days when you have to do both at the same time, most things will be fine. I try to do a very distinct job at the two areas, always focusing my productions on a border culture. This means giving voice to marginalized social groups.

What are your expectation in the movie industry?
I hope here it will continue to grow. Every day new films and tv are exported from Brazil, like 3% the NETFLIX series. This traveling through genre cinema in Brazil it's fantastic, not only because it produces horror on a nationalist background as it opens doors for new and exciting projects.

How do you see the movie industry now in Brasil compare to what it was two years ago?
Brazil is going through a financial and political crisis. Since Dilma was impeached and Michel Temer got to the presidency the country fights hard to get the economic and social tracks on line again. President Temer is a weak person, in a political perspective, so the need of a solid president is one of the most important things if we plan to get stability again. After the federal police started investigating a Brazilian director called Kleber Mendonça Filho it was clear that a political agenda was put in motion. So basically the last two years were like an earthquake and now we hope to find balance, even though it doesn't seem so near the corner.

What should your fans expect from you two months from now?
Complexed, my full-length film will be available at SNAPCINE a Brazilian NETFLIX.

Which is your best movies and how do you fell about it?
Born Splendid, directed by Lucas Acher and Complexed, directed by me.

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