Christopher Michale Dailey

Christopher Michale Dailey

We interviewed Christopher Michale Dailey last night and it was great having him on set with the family of Daily Style Entertainment. Christopher Michale Dailey is an independent filmmaker and in 2014 he launched Leaugeone Media that promotes the work and charities of celebrities and other independent filmmakers. Read through our interview with Christopher Michale Dailey and see what he has for you.

Christopher Michale Dailey

What is your best moment in the movies industry?

It is difficult to define my best moment but overall it has been helping other filmmakers on their path to success and the friends I have made along the way.

How do you see the movie industry two years from now?  

It is hard to tell. Each year the industry has its ups and downs and with the growing technology who knows? I would like to see less reboots and more original ideas. Some of the big companies are just trying to make a quick buck and end up at a loss. They need to put more passion into their art.

How do you manage acting and interviewing other celebrities?

I won’t lie and say it is easy. There is very little sleep involved. Haha my lines of communication have to stay open 24/7 with quick responses. I have to take a lot of chances but I am achieving my goals and my dreams are becoming a reality.

We heard you are working on a new movie title Cadillac Respect, please tell us about it?

Cadillac Respect is an in depth look into the mind of sociopathic crime boss Salvatore Allante as his life spirals into madness. Featuring some big celebrity appearances such as Noel Gugliemi, Joseph Gannascoli, and Clem Caserta along with wrestling legends Jake Roberts and Ken Shamrock. We have many more celebrity casting announcements to come that I can’t disclose at this time. Filming has taken place in Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, and here in the US. The star ‘Nikolas Grasso’ is working wonders in this film and he is the next big thing! Then you have Dorien Rose Duinker who’s talent matches her beauty and that is saying a lot. We also have Alex Alonso whose brilliant mind is making an impact in Brazil. You can find more info on IMDB.

What word of encouragement do you have for those that are new in the movie industries?

Never give up! The more you fail the easier it becomes to succeed!

How can we connect to you on social media?
You can follow me on Facebook. ‘Christopher Michale Dailey’

It nice having you on set Christopher Michale Dailey, looking forward to your next big hit in the movie industry. 


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