Beata Borelius-Larson: Dedicated Thespian

Beata Borelius-Larson:  Dedicated Thespian

Beata Borelius-Larson:  Dedicated Thespian

Beata Borelius-Larson is a thespian above all. Classically trained, Beata distinguishes herself from her contemporaries. Born in Sweden, raised in England, and residing in Los Angeles, Beata studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. For nine years, she majored in intense Shakespeare studies and is a graduate of the exclusive Stella Adler Acting of Academy in Los Angeles.

Beata's passion for the arts and acting began at the age of 6, in school productions. But, it was Rob Marshall's Academy Award winning film, Chicago that inspired to become a professional actor. "The elements of showbiz, morbidness and lust. I was enwrapped with all the jazz hands and glittery dresses." The film connected with Beata's dreams as a young girl, to perform in musicals and theatre productions.

To date, Beata is most proud of her performance in the theatre production of John Bishops ‘Comedy Musical Murders of 1940’, directed by Christoper Thornton at Stella Adler Theatre in Los Angeles. The stage play was a murder mystery set in a snowed-in mansion. Beata plays the role of an ecstatic alcoholic lyricist named Bernice. In this production, the play was set in a comedic tone, so to ease the violence, Beata's challenge was to balance the realism and the humor. "It was so illuminating to play someone so far away from my age and different from how I was raised".

Beata's first feature film was 2016's, 'Love Is'. In the film, where she portrays Beth.
"It was possibly my first big project I was a part of and it was so healthy to learn. I learned all the nooks of being behind the camera and the editing processes."

The film earned several nominations and awards, including Best Soundtrack at The Action on Film International Film Festival. Beata is a big fan of Wagner Moura and Joaquin Phoenix and would love the chance to work with them on a future project if she has the chance to. She considers Phoenix to be a modern day Marlon Brando and Moura of Narcos fame, shows a range and passion in his work that is so inspiring to Beata.

Beta Borelius-Larson plans to continue fine tuning her craft and succeeding as an actor. "I love to reach into a life that I have never even thought of." She plans to explore as many characters and as many environments as possible. And as for the viewers, we just can’t wait to see what this talented actress does next!

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