Jean Charles

Jean Charles
Lights, Camera, ACTION! Jean Charles is here!

Action films feature a heroic protagonist battling an evil villain. The writer pens a screenplay full of drama, conflict and suspense. But, we go to the multiplex to watch the blockbuster for the action.

The stuntman is the soldier, the skydiver, and the ninja. Masterfully edited, Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and Scott Eastwood scale the tallest buildings in the world, leap rooftops and bridges, fight of a gang of killers and race through the streets in exotic cars and motorcycles. But, behind the scenes, the stuntman is the unsung hero. 

Jean Charles Rousseau is a professional at the center of the action - appearing in Hollywood blockbusters: 007 Spectre, Jason Bourne, and Fast and Furious 6. As a stuntman, he has worked alongside Hollywood's biggest stars and directors Christopher McQuarrie, Paul Greengrass, and Sam Mendes - asked to perform scenes that require thrill and danger.

Jean brings over fifteen years of training and experience to the set. Skills like parkour, fencing, the martial arts of wing chen and American Kenpo prove invaluable to executing action sequences, chase and fighting scenes in some of the industry's most memorable films. Jean's reel includes highlights of him crashing off cars, diving off buildings and hand-to-hand combat.

Growing up as a fan of the James Bond film series, Jean was able to live out a dream with a role of in 007 Spectre, directed by Sam Mendes.

"My dream was to work in a James Bond film. I was so happy to have Daniel Craig knock me down and slam a door in my face."

Up next, a move to Los Angeles to work full time in Hollywood. Jean appears next in Mission Impossible 6, with Tom Cruise. He His advice to aspiring stuntmen,

"Never forget that a stuntman is someone who take hits more than give."

The next time you are watching your favorite action movie, pay attention to the incredible action sequences and the seamless acting by the unsung hero stuntmen like Jean Charles Rousseau.   

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