Legendary K-Pop girl group Girls‘ Generation release their sixth studio album Holiday Night - music producer Wassily Gradovsky talks Sweet Talk

Legendary K-Pop girl group Girls‘ Generation release their sixth studio album Holiday Night - music producer Wassily Gradovsky talks Sweet Talk.

Peaking number at one in over 18 countries on itunes and number one on US Billboard World Albums, K-Pop’s iconic girl group Girls’ Generation are back with their huge comeback album Holiday Night. One of their catchiest and funkiest album tracks Sweet Talk was produced my German newcomer Wassily Gradovsky.

Wassily, it’s a pleasure to speak to you. Did you expect your song to end up with these legendary girls?

Thank you so much. No, I did not! It came as a surprise receiving that email saying my song was cut with GG. I’m truly happy because I know exactly what a great influence these girls have on the Asian music market and I’m excited to be part of it. Shout out to my publisher Mussashi and my co-writers Carolyn and Alice, thank you for making this happen!

This is not your first success in K-Pop, you just recently had a cut with another legendary group EXO! Do you feel that you are finally breaking through?

Umm, I don’t wanna hoax it by saying yes (laughs). Finally things are starting to move in my career but I know that there is so much more to achieve! However, thank you for the recognition!

Of course. Tell me about the process of creating Sweet Talk, what did you have in mind when you started working on it?

I knew that I wanted to create a catchy instrumental for a girl group. During that time, Ariana Grande’s Focus came out and I was really inspired by the groove, trying to implement that energy into a beat of mine. I used funky brass section patterns to create that “catchiness”, but also mixed it with punchy 808 bass lines, making it more sexy and badass. Albi Albertsson, the amazing K-Pop producer I was working with at the time, always used to grumble about how low pitched my bass lines were, but luckily it worked out well (laughs)! To be honest, this would be that kind of song I would wanna create for US Urban Radio. I am very happy to show it around!

The chords in the pre-chorus and chorus are very cool, too!

Thank you! That’s actually one of my favorite things to do: to start with a melody pattern and than layer it with progressive chords that you would not expect! I kind of want to implement more melodic and harmonic spices to the modern mainstream, that would be one of my life goals.

What about the melodies and lyrics for Sweet Talk? How did these come together?

These were the work of my amazing co-writers, Carolyn Jordan and Alice Penrose. They did an amazing job on creating the perfect top line for that song. The lyrics were later written by Girls’ Generation member Seohyun herself! Again, I’m excited that it all happened the way it did!

Do you plan to create more music for Girls’ Generation?

I’m definitely working on more K-Pop girl group tracks and I really hope that more songs will be released with GG, it would be a pleasure!

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