Cinematographer Marko Alonso

Marko Alonso


Marko Alonso is a real camera guy. That is, he takes his work seriously and he is a cinematographer for a living because of his passion for his work. Ever since he was a young boy he has been studying images and looking to see where the light source was coming from. When he got older he realized that light could be controlled and manipulated to provide different moods and appearances in things and in people, whichever he was photographing at the time.

Marko Alonso

After studying cinematography and filmmaking in university he started working professionally. His resumé is a very long list of projects in which he was the cinematographer. He’s done music videos, films and TV shows. He has worked with Maroon 5 as the cinematographer on their video Animals and with Marcos Zeeba for several years and was cinematographer on several of his videos, including Colors, which jumped to the top of the Brazilian music charts. Marcos Zeeba, by the way, is one of Brazil’s most listened to musical artists.

Marko always places the camera in just the right place and the lighting is beautifully natural in every setting whether it’s in a church, a restaurant, nighttime in a car or outside on a desert road. The word for Marko is consistency – and that doesn’t mean he always does things the same thing. Quite the contrary! He is always doing things differently but the consistent part comes from the fact that Marko’s work is always consistently in the upper echelons of photographic excellence. He is also consistent in his ability to humanize characters to the audience. He consistently chooses the appropriate camera lenses and instinctively knows exactly how far the actor should be from the camera. He then lights them precisely so it looks like there is no other lighting in the area except that which the audience can see, that is, a lamp in the bedroom or street lights, etc.

Marko loves traveling, (he is originally from Spain) and his work on season 9 and 10 of the hit PBS series Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope has allowed him to do just that. It has also enabled Marko to do some great work cinematically. He travelled to Angor Wat Temple in Cambodia and captured striking moving pictures of Vietnam fisherman in the Mekong River. Marko also achieved breathtaking imagery at the seemingly endless vineyards in Porto, Portugal, among many other places. Marko’s love of storytelling through imagery has contributed to the success of every project he has been a part of. It has also benefited everyone who has been lucky enough to see his work.

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