Sam Rochford

Sam Rochford

We had Sam Rochford in the house wow, it was such as great time having her and we interview her, she told us a lot and we are so happy everything is working out as she wanted.

Sam Rochford (pronounced ROTCH-ford) is a 25 year old Connecticut native now living in Nashville where she was formerly an on-air correspondent for 650 AM WSM's "Nashville Today" show hosted by Devon O'Day. Prior to moving to Nashville, she was the host of "Markov Music" on Boston's popular internet radio station, WEMF. Sam has been publishing videos to YouTube and Facebook for the last 5 years, garnering a dedicated following for her musicianship, and quirky personality.

and the Mountain Goats, as well as paying tribute to classic greats like Bob Dylan and Patsy Cline. She writes songs prolifically and performs all over Nashville in writer's rounds.

Her latest single release, “So Easy” is charting nationally on the New Music Weekly country chart Top 65 and the Indie World Country Record Report, the world’s first independent country chart. 

Our interview with Sam Rochford 

How were you able to manage music and being an on air correspondent?
I actually wasn't able to do both! Working in radio and being a musician are both 40+ hour a week jobs and it's really hard to do both well. I stopped working in radio when I wanted to release this first single and take my career as a musician more seriously.

What gives you the passion to sing?
I can't explain where it comes from, but I need to do it. It's the best way I know how to express myself. Weather I'm singing for a huge group of people, or just for myself, it's the only way I can work though big and small emotions.

How do you see the music industry two years from now?
The music industry changes so fast it's hard to say. I think there's going to be a huge emphasis on streaming services in the next couple years, even more than there is now. It's so much easier to get your music for "free" or for $10 a month that people are going to be buying less and less physical albums. I think record labels are going to continue to be less and less important as DIY musicians are making themselves heard through social media and grass roots marketing. It's an interesting and exciting time to be in the music industry.

Tell us how you were able to manage your time and growing your youtube channel?
I have always really loved taking videos of other people so I started my YouTube channel when I turned the camera on myself. YouTube is the kind of platform where you get as much from it as you put into it, so if you upload consistently and put up good content people will watch you. A fan that discovers your YouTube cover song might translate into a fan that buys your original music so it's such a good platform for people trying to make it in this business.

Tell us what does it feel like to be a song writer and a performer?
It's scary! My little sister is in law school and she knows at the end of her journey she could get a job as a lawyer. There isn't the same kind of job security in the music industry. I know talented people that just never get lucky enough or don't put their efforts in the right places and don't "make it". I know people that aren't very talented that "make it" because they have a lot of money. There's no sure fire path to success, which is completely terrifying but also makes things more exciting.

We heard about your new single "So Easy", please tell us more about it?
I wrote "So Easy" last year for my little sister's wedding and originally didn't plan on playing it for anybody outside of my family. I had such a good reception to the song that I decided to release it as my first single. I made an accompanying video where I mapped out all of the lyrics, decorated each page, and flipped through this big journal in time to the song. You really have to see the video to understand how much time I put into it!

Which of your favourite music artist would you like to feature in your next song?
That's a hard question! My brain jumps first to the people that inspire me and people that are in my genre like Amanda Shires or the Secret Sisters. But I think the most interesting duos and features come from two artists who have very different musical styles. So I think my final answer would be someone like Ryan Adams because he's so talented and we would make something different from what either of us make on our own.

What are we to expect from you before the year runs out in the music industry?
You can expect to see more consistent uploads from me on YouTube! I'm focusing on writing and gaining more fans before I release any new music.

It Nice having you on set Sam.

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