Eat pray vote is a moderate, right-center site for news, uplifting posts, and general musings.  EPV is just 1 year old and we have over 2,000 pieces that cover a wide range of topics from a liberal, moderate and conservative point of view.  We are a diverse group of writers who have one common uniting factor: we are pro-life. Though we may not agree on every issue, we do agree on that one. Our site has steadily grown from a few hundred views per month to over 1.5 million views and we’re continuing to grow.  With a solid core group of writers, and the occasional guest writer, there is more than enough to keep anyone interested and coming back.  

We built the site from nothing and have continuously improved the content and caliber of writers.  There is an active group of readers that engage with us daily with an average of 5-10 new news pieces each day and of course, comments are always welcome.  We hope you’ll visit and find a home with us either by subscribing via email or following us on Twitter.

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