Meet TrackaBangBang --the Paris born filmmaker in Los Angeles, taking the action/comedy world by storm, one million viewers at a time.

The writer, producer, actor and VFX creator brings a smart, methodical and laugh out loud brand of comedy to his short content films. The theme is social commentary and observation. Often, the videos have an element of action, "I love action/comedy. If you need a bad guy who knows how to kick ass one on one, I'm your guy."

TrackaBangBang is representative of a new generation of filmmakers targeting social media to showcase their storytelling and their craft. He enjoys collaborations with the most famous social media influencers of Los Angeles such as: Lele Pons, Amanda Cerny, Logan Paul, King Bach, Juanpa Zurita, Hannah Stocking, Destorm Power, Liane V, Inanna Sarkis, Anwar Jibawi, Tonio Skits, Andrea Espada, Janina, Adam W, Marlon Webb,

Launched in 2016, TrackaBangBang's Instagram and Facebook accounts have earned 500 million+ views. The medium has a voice, allowing talented artists from all over the world to reach global audiences and earn instant feedback and gain the attention of mainstream filmmakers. TrackaBangBang's training is his own way of telling stories and saying what is funny - he has learned strictly from watching movies on TV, on the big screen and online and has developed his own unique style. TrackaBangBang celebrates one of most viewed videos on Instagram with social media superstar Lele Pons, with more than 36 million views. His biggest collaboration on Facebook is with Vine/Youtube/Instagram star Logan Paul, a video that has more than 138 million views.

TrackaBangBang one day hopes to work with Jackie Chan and make some of his own Hollywood and Hong Kong blockbuster films for the world to see. 

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