Turn your photos into multi-page posters you can print yourself — right from your phone or iPad. Line up the pages to make a mosaic, or overlap and rotate them to create dramatic new art.

Free your photos from the tiny screen — with Biggify.

••••••••• How to Biggify •••••••••

1. Tap the Camera button to add a photo.

2. Tap the Page button to add pages on top.

3. Drag, rotate, and overlap the pages to reveal the parts you want.

4. Print the pages and post them on your wall (or someone else’s).

5. Tap the “<” button to save your poster and return to the starting page.

••••••••• How to Print •••••••••

iOS devices print through a wireless connection. Make sure your printer is on the same network as your iPhone or iPad, then tap the Print button in Biggify and select your printer.

Biggify supports both AirPrint and IPP-compatible printers. Here are Apple’s instructions on AirPrint:

••••••••• Creative Tips •••••••••

• Double-tap a page to bring it to the front.

• Rotate pages so they line up with interesting angles in the photo.

• Tap the Face button to browse and add graphics. You can add as many graphics as you like. (We've included a pack of 25 Bluemoji graphics for free. Additional graphic packs are available as an in-app purchase.)

• Use two fingers to move, resize, and rotate the background photo. That lets you fit more (or less) of the photo on each page.

• Tap the Page Size button to try different paper sizes (4x6, 5x7, A4, etc.). A banana appears for scale.

• Long-press (press and hold) on a saved project to open a control panel where you can delete or duplicate it.

• Trim the white border with scissors or a paper cutter to make seamless, tiled posters.

••••••••• Add-on Graphic Packs (in-app purchase) •••••••••

1. Life Is Good
2. Floral
3. Hippie Pack
4. Dress Up
5. Birthday
6. Lifestyle

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