Karina Diglyte

Karina Diglyte
Karina Diglyte 

Karina Diglyte Making A Huge Impact In Hollywood With Her Incredible Acting And Comedic Talent!

Actress and Comedian Karina Diglyte just came back from Temecula, CA where she was on set for the American Romantic Comedy “Stan the Man”, playing a hilarious Russian assassin alongside Elisa Roberts, Steven Chase and Orson Chaplin (grandson of the legendary Charlie Chaplin). The film was produced by the Entertainment factory and is set to be released on Valentine’s Day 2018, where you can catch it on Hulu TV, Netflix, Red Box, Walmart and Amazon TV.

Karina just also finished working with Golden Globe and Emmy award winner Scott Steindorff, who is a very talented director and writer --some of his film work includes: Lincoln Lawyer and The Chef --Karina known as a very spiritual person, was also filming a life recovery program with Scott entitled “Life recovery” -to inspire and help people live their lives to their fullest potentials by embracing vulnerability, transparency and authenticity in their personal and professional lives and relationships.

It’s been a busy couple of months for Karina, as she just finished working on a beautiful and eye opening film “Full Moon”, written and performed by academy award winner Ryuichi Sakamoto, who has worked on hundreds of films including; three time Oscar winning “The Revenant” (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Oscar winner “The Last Emperor”. He also won the Lifetime achievement award. “Full moon” is a very special sentimental film that was shot in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur and film director Yukihiro Shoda cast Karina himself. When he witnessed her vulnerable and extraordinary emotional availability in her audition, it inspired him and at callback, he made a final decision to cast her in this crucial film --which is now traveling worldwide on the International film festival circuit. Yukihiro Shoda has won numerous awards, one of them being the Cannes Media Silver award for the Adidas Highest Goal. He also won an award at the Geneva International Film Festival for his film “Blind”.

Karina loves movies and is a frequent guest at multiple Independent Film Festivals worldwide. In fact, she has also produced a successful feature film “Fourever” in the UK.
Because of her experience and expertise in the independent film industry, Matthew Harrison hired her to join the film festival “Film Crash”, as a jury member. Matthew Harrison is the President of Film Crash, which is dedicated to finding an original voice. He is also a magnificent filmmaker, who caught the eye of Martin Scorsese and won the jury prize for his film “Rhythm Thief” at the world famous Sundance Film Festival.

He recently spoke very highly of Karina Diglyte, as quoted below:

“Karina Diglyte and I have worked together for the past couple of years and during this time, I have found her to be a true professional and one of the very best in the entertainment industry. Based on the work experiences I have had with Karina Diglyte and her reputation as one of the finest actresses, I would have no hesitation fully recommending her as a remarkable and talented individual who would be a great asset to any international film or television project she chooses in the future”.

So what’s next for Karina?

She was just cast as a lead role in the TV comedy series “Gazelles”, produced by TV4 Entertainment (“Mothers and Daughters” with Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone), and an important role in the TV series “The Trailer”, produced by TV4 Entertainment which just recently partnered with Warner Bros. and Sky TV. This is set to shoot in Los Angeles throughout 2018 and 2019.

We can’t keep up with this talented actress, but we sure love watching her incredible work!

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