Lloyd Moss & The Rock Collective Singer Rita Shukla

 Rita Shukla

Lloyd Moss & The Rock Collective Singer Rita Shukla

Why is it that Brazil always lands on the top of the “coolest countries to be from” list every year? Well, I guess the real question should be: “Have you ever met a Brazilian who you didn’t like or who wasn’t cool? The answer to that one is a resounding “NO!”

Brazilians seem to have something extra that other people just don’t have. We think it’s an added sense of feeling or maybe they have an additional chromosome that enables them to simply enjoy life to the fullest – smiling all the way. Whatever it is, Rita Shukla has it. She’s that Brazilian singer, who is also a musician, an actor, a writer and …well she probably has so many other talents that we’ll just have to wait till she decides to tell us about them.

Rita is currently singing with the Lloyd Moss & The Rock Collective, the L.A. based rock & roll band. They will be performing at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in the middle of December. She has worked with other bands and she has acted in numerous plays including several musical theater pieces that got her some rave reviews. She is quite experienced for her age, simply because she received so much excellent training. She has studied music since the age of four, dance since she was twelve and acting from age 16. Plus, she graduated from a very prestigious university in Brazil: University PUC-SP, where she studied acting and theatre. She also immersed herself in a two-year conservatory for musical theatre in Los Angeles at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy).

Once she got into musical theatre it was all over. Well, it actually was the beginning for her because she realized that singing was her real passion and she dove in head first. Since graduating from AMDA Rita has been sung with several bands and focusing on her musical life. She has found many like minded people in Southern California who she can collaborate with in songwriting and music. Her career encompasses all she has learned in theatre, acting, dance, musical theatre, music and singing. Rita is a talented person who has a passion for art and performing and for life itself. Maybe that’s what Brazilians have that others don’t.

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