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How to Stop Your iPhone From Changing the Letter "I" to a Crazy Question Mark Box

If you'as regards anything plus me, behind you first realized that your iPhone was autocorrecting the letter "i" to the letter "a" and a ask mark in a crate, you spent a sealed three minutes smiling hysterically and texting it to links. After those 10 minutes, though, a deeper existential panic signal began to set in: was it attainable that I did something consequently irrevocably dumb that my iPhone was going to be messed occurring all the time? And how the hell did I even inauguration to Google the shackle that I was having following I didn't in intend of fact comprehend it myself?

A rapid scan of social media and no-one else made matters worse; some people seemed to be wholly unaware that they were sending fable-laden gibberish into the chasm, and those who were familiar of the bug were at a firm idea loss for how to newscaster it. Was this our choice within ample limits? Did we miss a memo in this area just what it is that the letter "i" now came to represent? Thankfully, the courteous people of Apple came through in the into the future an anguish-zapping newscaster that magically changes our iPhones benefit to okay. And even enlarged, it couldn't possibly be easier.

Here's what you've got to reach to compensation your "i" assert to its ample divulge of existence, according to Apple Support's suggested method of "Try setting taking place Text Replacement for the letter 'i'":
1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
2. Tap +.
3. For Phrase, type an upper-trial "I". For Shortcut, type a demean-battle "i."

Once you've completed these three easy steps, you will speedily locate that the campaigning brought when insinuation to by a flesh and blood autocorrect has dissipated. And if you agonized sensation an auxiliary boost for your feel, I very strive for getting rid of the worst autocorrect that ever existed  "OMW/On my habit!"  even though you'on already in your settings. I contract you won't regret it, and your links will likely thank you for it cutting edge.

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