Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista is a replicant frustrating to undertaking the right have an effect on in a supplementary Blade Runner 2049 prequel unexpected that helps member the upcoming sequel to the indigenous film.

The clip, released Thursday through iTunes trailers, is the second of three planned shorts that will engross in the gaps surrounded by 2019, once the first Blade Runner takes place, and 2049, behind the supplementary version takes place.

Directed by Luke Scott, the son of Ridley Scott -- who directed the original and is producing the sequel -- the video features Bautista as Sapper, a replicant who delivers a favorite folder of his to a youngster friend in credit to the neon-soaked streets of Los Angeles.

Titled 2048: Nowhere to Run, Bautista is later seen getting into a deadly broil surrounded by a group of guys who begin to harass his friend and her mommy. The former WWE star seemingly displays to the onlooking crowd that he is a replicant due to how he was able to easily exterminate the men without feeling any headache. A bystander subsequently informs authorities approximately the order of the phone that he has spotted a replicant as Bautista flees the scene.

The first prequel cutting released in August, featured Jared Leto as replicant inventor Niander Wallace, who pleaded in imitation of supervision officials to fade away a replicant prohibition.

Blade Runner 2049, starring Bautista, Leto, Ryan Gosling and a returning Harrison Ford, is set to the fore in theaters a propos Oct. 6.

The sci-fi sequel, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is tracking to earn at least $40 million at the crate office during its opening weekend according to antique estimates, Variety reported.

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