Natasha Ivkovic: A Lovestruck Angel

Natasha Ivkovic

Natasha Ivkovic: A Lovestruck Angel
Natasha Ivkovic is an Australian actress making a name for herself in Hollywood. Her talent is featured in her current project, ‘A Purgatory Story.

Writer/Director, Tom Albanese cast Natasha in a starring role of Lovestruck Angel. In the film, Natasha plays opposite a man named Gerard who falls in love with a woman on earth while in purgatory. The film explores a unique concept - the story is told without dialogue; using only visuals and facial expressions. Natasha’s role provides comic relief in the film. Her performance impressed the director, Albanese.

“I’d gotten what I wanted from her scene in the first take or two, so, we tried a few different things for fun. It’s not always easy for an actor to dive head first into something not on the page, but with Natasha it was the sign of an actress who’s confident in how she’s prepped and, most importantly, an actress who loves to act.”
Natasha is proud of her performance in ‘A Purgatory Story’.
I felt so lucky to be a part of the film. It's really special, and there is something for everyone in this story. I put my heart into it.”

Natasha's acting talents are featured in the films '10% Remaining', in DreamWorks' 'Sleep Tight, in the award winning, 'Miss Beverly Hills Ghost', ‘Puberty Blues’, and ‘Paranormal Survivor’. Look for Natasha Ivkovic’s performance in ‘A Purgatory Story’. The film is currently in post-production, and is expected to do very well in the film festival circuit.

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