Steven Bashir


When you are introduced to somebody and find out he’s a #1 hit songwriter and you ask how he got into music you’d expect a response like: “I always wanted to do music”, and you’d definitely get a “Yes” for “So you’ve been doing this for quite a while now, huh?”. When I had a conversation with Steven Bashir his answers to those questions were somehow different. Here is what he had to share:

You’re a professional musician. Did you study anything music related?

No not at all. I didn't even want to learn the guitar at first.

But eventually you did, right?

Yes. When I was 11 my mom bought me a guitar and said that I should try it. I did, however I decided I didn't want to learn it. But because she had just invested in a new guitar she insisted on me trying at least one more teacher. I took a 30 minute lesson and after those 30 minutes, I literally ran home because I was so excited. From that time on I would never stop playing the guitar.

So even after falling in love with the guitar you still didn’t study anything with music?

I went to high school and then university to study law. At some point I thought I would become someone like Tom Cruise in The Firm. I stayed with that illusion until I graduated graduated.

Well that’s quite an unusual way from becoming a lawyer to being a professional songwriter. You successfully graduated but then completely turned around and pursued music. How did that happen ?

After I graduated from university I went straight to work at a big recording studio. I knew right away that I wanted to do something else other than a lawyer. There’s nothing bad about being a lawyer, but it just wasn’t my path.

How did your friends and family react?

Well it broke my father’s heart. But he’s fine with it now (he laughs and then adds: well I guess so). My parents were really supportive. It just took some time for them to understand that I wasn’t “throwing it all away” but really moving onto something worth while.

Did that change with your success?

Yeah definitely! When both my friends and parents started hearing my music in the radio, that helped a lot I guess. I remember hearing somebody say something like: You know you are successful when you are in the media that your parents know.

So is there anything you would like to share with aspiring songwriters?

Think twice! And don’t do it if you’re sane (He’s smiling) No seriously. I really want to represent the idea that you can do whatever you want -especially against all odds. Even when you don’t qualify for it in the eyes of others or to be fair, even if you actually don’t qualify for it at first.

I like that. That goes not only for songwriters, as well. One last question: Any plans on going back to law?

(Laughing) Unless the judge calls me to write a song for him, very likely no!

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