Giannina Esquivel, the actress from Costa Rica, was recently asked what advice she would give to aspiring performers. Her sage answer sounded as if she was describing herself and how she maintains her professional acting career. She basically said: an actor should be prepared to work diligently, and to keep an open mind, open to all the different learning opportunities that life has to offer. Sometimes the key to a character or the solution to a problem can come from the most unlikely source. The moment we set aside our ego and learn to listen is an important one for actors.                  

We have been following Ms. Esquivel for some time and each one of the elements she mentioned could be taken from her life. She is definitely a diligent worker. That is, she always comes to a movie set or location very well prepared. She even knows the other actors’ lines. She has always had an open mind and that can be seen clearly if you just glance at her academic resumé. She took acting classes when she was fifteen at a Connecticut boarding school and watched all the great classic movies with her parent while she was growing up. Then, having a very open mind, she flew to Los Angeles when she was old enough and signed up for acting classes at the famed New York Film academy.

Was that enough for this brilliant actress? Of course, it wasn’t! She went on to Swarthmore College and majored in Theatre. After graduation she studied at BADA, British American Dram Academy at Oxford, England. Obviously, Giannina loves to travel too. She then jetted back to L.A. and signed up for the two-year acting intensive at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting. While there she realized that she was learning more about the art and craft of acting than she had learned in all the other schools she had attended, which is no small thing to say.

Giannina has been in numerous films, commercials and theatrical stage productions. One of her films, Insomnio, produced and shot in Costs Rica, premiered in the country’s capital San Juan and was greeted with high praise and great reviews. She is proud of all of her work but being able to be a part of Costa Rica’s film industry awakening has been an especially moving moment for her. She loves Los Angeles and loves being at the hub of the film industry but Costa Rica will always have a special place in her heart.

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