Manuel Soro
Manuel Soro
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” William Shakespeare wrote that over four hundred years ago in his play As You Like It. When you think about it the phrase seems to be a very true observation; we are all actors at some point in our lives even if it’s not on a real theatrical stage. The Italian actor  understands what old Bill was talking about because he knows what it’s like to act in one’s everyday life.

He told us that when he was growing up in Italy he was in a few of his school’s theater productions and he was always acting for his friends and family. He would entertain them at school or on the playgrounds or while playing soccer in the streets. He would do imitations of people they all knew and would mimic others’ dialects and attitudes. He remembers doing these things as early as age 6 and 7. We can all relate to what Manuel did because acting is basic communication – we are just trying to get a point across to someone or we are attempting to get others to understand what we are saying. Sometimes that takes a lot of imagination and hard work but once they understand then it’s all worth it.

When Manuel got older he moved out of the tough part of town that he was raised in and moved to London. He was acting on the “world stage” there too, BUT as a bartender. He became extremely good as a mixologist, then became an extremely popular bartender where he ended up being named Best Bartender in England after entering bartending competitions around the country. He looked at bartending as a form of acting because he was always performing for his guests. He said that through bartending he learned more about human beings and the human condition than anything else had taught him. He also told us that performing (at his job) was how he survived up until today – only now he was conscious of it and he is doing it professionally.

Once Manuel ultimately decided that acting was going to be his life he moved to Los Angeles, studied at the famous Stella Adler Academy of Acting and became an established professional actor. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance but the rewards are worth every minute of it.

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