Ludovic Nortier on a photo shoot for Elite
Why leave Paris when everyone else in the world wants to go to the City of Lights? Ah…another good question. Paris is absolutely beautiful and hardly anyone can deny it. However, if you were born there and grew up there surrounded by beauty almost everywhere you walked, you might get a little tired of it, no? Well, Ludovic Nortier the French art director and photographer (among many other things) never really got tired of that richly cultured city on the Seine – he just wanted to move to Los Angeles to immerse himself in photography.

You see, other cities have things to offer also. L.A. is one of the best places for year-round photography because it has the best weather, blue skies (for the most part), amazingly beautiful models, both men and women, and it has great locations and backdrops. It is also the hub of the movie business, the advertising industry and the beaches are pretty inviting. All of these things had a part in pulling Ludovic away from gay Paree and into the heart of another career.

He was an art director for over ten years and worked for several huge and very famous ad agencies: (Publicis , Havas, DDB, Marcel). He also had a hand, a pretty sizeable hand in creating brand images for international companies such as, Coca Cola, Disney, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Michele, Cover Fx, L’Oréal, Zodiac, Clarisonic, Lancôme and Heineken. One day, however, Ludovic decided to get back to his first love, which was photography, and go to a place where he would be unhindered by any limitations, as far as creativity went. Los Angeles was and is that place.

He found that it truly did have everything a photographer needed to be successful as mentioned above. He also discovered that his work ethic along with his talent for capturing interesting and absolutely brilliant images, created a new career for him in very a very short amount of time. His photography, you can see it on the Internet, is exquisite and when he aims his lens at something it is transformed magically into something even more unique than what it started out to be.

Someone once said of the great film director john Ford, that he always places the camera in the right spot. The same can be said of Ludovic Nortier. The camera and the light source, whether it’s natural or electric, are always in the right place. He is a magician with his camera and that’s why he always has a busy schedule.

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