If you are feeling constantly torn between who you are as a person and the clothes you are wearing, maybe it`s time to create a different mindset for yourself. One that encourages you to think outside the box. If you are this fun, outgoing person with a unique character that prioritizes being comfortable but you are feeling “engulfed” by following the latest trends that indicate that women should always wear over-prized, fitted, can`t-breathe clothes, don’ worry you can always change. Choose to love and respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that makes you feel less than the fabulous person that you are. There is something wrong in the society where putting others people opinion before ours it`s every day and normal situation, we are constantly blindly following something that empties us and takes all of our energy. Before putting anything on you, ask yourself, do you want to spend the rest of day feeling like you do. Create the so-called comfort-first mindset where you put how you feel on the top, and if the answer is anything less than feeling comfortable, unique, confident and strong then it`s not worth it.

It particularly grows in our heart when we find a brand with clothes that represent all of the above. This Canadian company buddha trends offer something rather exceptional, with the unique clothes they are selling, motivates women all over the world to be themselves, to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Promotes oversized, flowy, stylish and unique clothes made mostly from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and denim. Wrap your head around the idea that you can have it all, you can deliberately choose garments with a loose cut but on the other hand stay stylish too. If you don`t have ideas on how to accomplish this, follow this simple style guide.

•    Boho-chic style

The boho-chic style stands shortly from “bohemian” which is closely connected with the hippies of the ‘60s and ‘70s. In the core of this style is the individualism, meaning every person it’s unique in its own ways, in thinking, politics, style. Bohemian fashion has moved the boundaries and pushed the limits, changing the fashion from tight and restricted to long and flowy, from scratchy and hard to soft and wide and from brown and grey to vivid colors like red, green and white.

Typical fabrics that are connected to this style are the white lace, the soft cotton, denim and flowy polyester. Some classics in this style are the oversized maxi dresses maybe with lace on the edges with vivid colors and full with soul, than colorful and light overalls with prints or patterns that will make you look effortless, then long maxi skirts with adjustable waistline that will elongate your legs, and the denim that will give you that casual but fashionable vibe.

•    Vintage- romantic style

What never goes out of style is being elegant, feeling free and rocking your combinations with confidence. Find your all-time classic pieces and then polish them into the looks you are searching for. It`s not a coincidence that all the famous designers go back to the very beginnings of fashion with designing their clothes. You can start by buying beautiful patterned dresses maybe with dots or some other pattern and combine that with some new jacket, maybe short denim one or suede leather. Then you can get some long pleated maxi skirt with patches on vintage denim or maybe skirt with some embroidery or tassels that were very popular in the past and combine that with a simple shirt maybe expose some skin but not too much. Don’t forget about the plaid fabrics, bye a blouse and wear it with flair and comfortable palazzo trousers with elastic waist. You can incorporate lace in this combinations, it can be subtle but it will most definitely soften the overall look. Add some chic and stylish footwear and you are ready to go. Since high heels are already out of date, wear some leather flats if you are the classic type or some fun ones with tassels and in different colors. Don’t forget to properly accessorize maybe with some hat, a feminine watch, and bracelets.

Don’t forget it’s in the details too, put an effort in adding the right one, it will feel like adding the cherry on top.

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