Isn’t it interesting how you can actually got to college and learn a skill and then go out and earn a living with it? Some people learn specific jobs in the medical field, while other learn how to build houses. Some take up professional photography and still others push that a little and learn how to make movies. Raghu Gudiveti came all the way from Hyderabad, India, to enroll in the New York Film Academy and learn how to make films. Although he studied all aspects of filmmaking, he has been focusing mostly on directing and editing since he left school. He has directed and edited five short films since college and several of them are award winners including Alive, which one Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Cinema Awards.

Raghu learned a great deal of real practical filmmaking knowledge at New York Film Academy. Some of the classes he had to take were: Film Appreciation, principles of production, Editing Theory, Visual Design, Cinematography, intro to TV production, Understanding Mass Media, Script Analysis, Screen Writing, Sound Design, Production Sound. He also got plenty of hands on experience and learned how to keep the editing room and the movie in order through: Footage Assembly, Transcoding, Encoding, Basic Color Correction, Strong AVID skills and Understanding Conversions and Codecs.
When editing a project, Raghu also learned that he would be responsible for: Attending meetings and taking notes on post material, Keeping track of deadlines, assisting in editing next episodes, as he does when he works on the Emmy awar-winning show The Bay. He, as editor, was also responsible for corrections and clarifications.

What people don’t realize is that editing takes an enormous amount of concentration and organization. There is so much material, that is footage that has been shot, that it all has to be kept in order so that the editor can access it quickly. If there is no order or system in the editing room then that means it’s going to cost more money to produce the movie simply because of all the wasted time it would take trying to find certain shots.

Raghu learned a lot in college and his career has taken off. He is anestablished editor who is in demand simply because he brings talent, organizational skills and passion to the editing room.

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