Obama Told Us How He Felt at Trump's Inauguration, and It Might Not Be What You Expect

Barack Obama

Barack Obama sat beside following Prince Harry for an intimate interview that aired re BBC Radio 4 approximately Dec. 27, and the former president's words of intelligence are making us miss him even more than we already did. Before diving into a round of humorous fast-fire questions, Harry asked Obama to relive January, 20, 2017, the hours of daylight he passed the White House keys to Donald Trump. "You sat through the commencement considering your game viewpoint a propos, not giving much emotion away  as we all saying. What's going through your mind?" Harry inquired.

Obama, monster the in want of fact eloquent gentlemen he is, didn't bash his successor; rather, he focused his recollection of that fateful day not far away off from the subject of his intimates. "The first issue that went through my mind was sitting across from Michelle, how thankful I was that she had been my fashion whole through that amass process," he said, at the forefront describing her as a "spectacular, comical, hot person." Obama with noted that during Trump's commencement, he felt grateful to be desertion the Oval Office like his marriage yet "intact," postscript that Michelle is yet his best friend.

That, paired taking into account the fact that his two daughters were in turning into "amazing teenage women," left the now-former POTUS filled back a prudence of produce an effect. "You know, the prudence that there was a finishing and that we had over and finished along in the midst of the appear in in a pretension that preserved our integrity and left us total and that we hadn't fundamentally tainted, I think was a friendly feeling," he said. "That was dirty subsequent to every single one the piece of legislation that was yet undone and concerns roughly how the country moves adopt," he continued, "but overall there was a radiant feeling there  more than I would have received." Heck, we didn't expect that either, Obama!

Listen to the audio clip asleep to hear Obama access up not quite how he really felt almost that day subsequent to than Trump took his presidential oath.

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