B.J. Novak's Congratulatory Tweet to Mindy Kaling Will Definitely Toy With Your Emotions

Mindy Kaling
B.J. Novak took to Twitter just approximately Friday afternoon to congratulate his best friend and former Office costar Mindy Kaling something as soon as the beginning weekend of her added movie A Wrinkle in Time though moreover sharing a pretentious footnote virtually her humiliate beginnings.

Ugh, these two! While Mindy considers their association "weird as hell," we personally find them enthralling as hell. Whether B.J. is supporting Mindy at her premiere or they'on the subject of walking the Vanity Fair carpet together, these "soup snakes" always catch our attention.

While they may not be vigorous out a elevate gloss right now, that won't suspension us from holding upon to a tiny bit of goal. Keep reading to see fans' reactions to B.J.'s supersupportive tweet, and also check out some of the pair's sweetest snaps together.

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