An Exclusive interview with Richard Lynch

1.             What were the most memorable performance moments of your career as an artist?

         Taking the stage with my Dad who was an incredible musician & singer.

2.       How many well-known artists have you worked with so far, and how was
          your experience working with them?

I have had the honor of working with numerous country stars & legends. Each experience has been incredible

3.       Tell us more about your successes, and what was the look on your face like,
           the very first day you became a member of the Independent Country Music
          Hall of Fame?

Very honored to have won awards from the Josie Awards, The Academy of Country Artists, The Roots Report, New Music Weekly, The Independent Music Association and many others. The induction into the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame was a huge shock and an incredible honor

4.     How do you see the music industry five years from now, especially traditional country music?

      It may be wishful thinking but it feels like we may be making a return to moretraditional country music

5.      Tell us about your hit tracks and the relationship they have created between you and your fans?

        I try very hard to find those songs that will connect with the lives of average Americans. The tracks that get the greatest response are those that people can relate too.

6.       We heard about your latest single "Back in Love Again" with Rhonda Vincent, tell us about it.
          Well it was a wonderful experience. Rhonda is a true professional, mega talented and a real downhome sweetheart

7.     What words of advice do you have for upcoming artists that want to go into traditional country music?

     Be yourself and stick to your roots


  1. Wow so lovely I love this interview.....keep it up Daily Style Entertainment..:)

  2. Wonderful interview, Back in Love again changed everything about my relationship