Anja Meyer

Anja Meyer

“Experiencing multiple cultures and languages requires to be curious, to adapt and learn.”

Anja Meyer is a trained actor and model who has worked in Europe, in Canada for 1 year, and in Australia for 7 years. Her career has taken her now to Singapore, where she is enjoying to explore the opportunity of modeling and acting in Asia. Her most memorable experience as a model would be the shoot she did for Singapore Airlines in January. The whole experience of sitting in the prototype of the new airplane was super exciting. The crew was very friendly and the photographer has years of award-winning experience being ranked in the top 200 advertising photographers world wide.
Anja Meyer

She always enjoyed acting and developed a passion in the theatre early on in her life having various performances on stage during her high school days as a teen in Germany. After completing her university degree in Industrial Design, she started to pursue acting, as being part of the Theatre Ensemble at Kulturhaus Spandau in Berlin. One of her first accomplishments was a lead role as a diving student in a German TV series, shot at the Maldives. At that time she found her passion for diving and did her PADI Scuba Diving license.

Apart from performing she was working on a cattle station in the Australian outback, as freelance Graphic Designer and in a billingual Mentor and Assistant Teamleader position in an office. Those valuable life experience lessons allow for some good basics for acting roles and not to forgot some necessary financial stability. In 2015 she took her career to the next level and solely focused on work in the performing arts.

In 2013 Anja was performing at the Playhouse Sydney Opera House being part of the cast stage production of “ONENESS” written and directed by Alex Broun. She always wanted to visit the iconic Sydney Opera House, but could have never imagined to be lucky enough to perform on stage only after moving to Sydney in 2010. One of her latest projects in Australia was ‘HAWAA’ the Film with the previous working title 'Project C 420'. It is the first Telugu movie which was being shot entirely in Australia. 'HAWAA’ is in production now and planning to air mid of this year in India and Australia.

She strives to progress, that’ll be working with more well known brands and major campaigns. Her goals are to work with top talents in their field, i.g. award winning photographers and take that as an inspiration to become a top talent in her modeling and acting career. Further she wants to have a voice to influence the world in a positive way. One major passion is to encourage the usage of less plastic to reduce marine plastic pollution and to save our oceans.
“I only ever heard about in the news and thought it's bad but so are many things and then forgot about it. But actually seeing it in real with your own eyes changes everything! I love the ocean and fishes, love the beach and swimming, snorkeling and diving, it's my happy place! Then travelling to Indonesia and not being able to swim in the ocean and only in the swimming pool made me sooo sad!!! Imagine all the plastic waste continues to grow like now, then in future there will be no more clean beaches and all marine life gets killed and that in the end comes back to us humans! Plastic stays pretty much forever, it's not biodegradable! Change needs to happen! Even a small step of every single person adds up and helps! Thanks for caring!”

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