Bill Houskeeper: A Real Working Actor

Bill Houskeeper

Bill Houskeeper: A Real Working Actor

When most people think of indie films they usually have the same things on their minds, from fresh new concepts to new artistic, and creative ways to tell their stories.  As many people know the producers and directors of the indie film world can lack the financial freedom of having millions of dollars at their disposal and rather have to use their very creative and artistic ways to get their stories told.

One of these ways these creative producers have come up with is to hire actor Bill Houskeeper. While Bill may not be a house hold name (yet) he is quickly forging an amazing career and reputation throughout the indie film world.  In 2017 he filmed over five films with another six coming up and in pre-production for later in 2018.

And with over 110 thousand Facebook followers it's very easy to see how quickly his popularity is rising him to the top.

Bill credits a great deal of his success with the way that he spends countless hours prepping for each project by really diving deep with script and character analysis, a tool that many of the great actors use to develop intriguing and interesting characters.

"One of the best compliments I ever received" says Bill in our interview, "was from DGA winner Lynn Guthrie, when he said that I was one of the hardest working actors he had ever seen.  This was a huge compliment, because I know that Lynn had worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and Dustin Hoffman." 

Bill celebrates the craft. He enjoys the challenge of bringing complicated characters to life and seeing the world through their eyes.

"The thing that inspires me is to create characters that make my audience relate to, and hopefully see their world in a different way because of that."

For Bill, hardest part about the job, is when a project has ended, and all he wants to do is get back to set and to filming. 

"It's hard to take a break from something I love."


  1. Bill Houskeeper has inspired a lot of us, I love his creativity...

  2. Bill is one of the hardest working actor and He is always ready to deliver.

  3. Bill has a lot to offer in what ever role he is playing...

  4. I love what Bill said about the hardest part of his Job, keep it up Bill, I am your number one fan, One love.