LED twig branch lights

Battery Operated ,2 pcs AA battery power can support the branches to shine for 100+ hrs. The service life of the LED lights reaches 50,000+ hrs.
-The branches are totally bendable; any postures or angles will not stop it shining. Your creativity can be realized at max with these lights.
-The radiance of the LED is just perfect, will blend into all kinds of circumstance and occasions,Holidays/Weddings/Showrooms/Parties/Reunions/Dinners etc. Or simply just you and the branch lights alone after work to smooth your fatigue and emotions.
Each branch lights come with 5 bendable stems and 20 led warm white color light bulbs, around 20 inches tall
Raffia filler in Champagne color will be packed together with our product. You could use it to hide the battery case in the transparent vase or container.

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