Talented Musician and Composer Or Shahar

Or Shahar

Talented Musician and Composer Or Shahar

We recently caught up with performer and composer Or Shahar about composing music and how he gets into the creative process of writing. Here is what he had to say:
You compose music, do you enjoy it as much as performing?

I think I enjoy composing equally as much to being on stage. It’s a different kind of indescribable feeling when you realize that you wrote a great cue or song and it somehow relates to the adrenaline you get when standing in front of a huge crowd. Both are magical moments. 

How do you get into the creative process to record?

It usually starts with a short written brief from a client, sometimes accompanied with a reference track -after reading and listening to the brief, I try to visualize and think of how I can capture the energy and feeling that is wanted using my unique sound. I start by figuring out what is the main element that will drive the new piece and step by step I build around that lead element.

What has been one of your favorite pieces you have written so far?

Two years ago I wrote a piece called - ‘Inspire'. It all happened in 6 hours - from the second I played the first note, to bouncing the final audio file. ‘Inspire’ is a short orchestral track that starts with a soft piano and opens up to a full orchestra theme. This track is the one that gets the most attention from creative directors and has opened a lot of doors for me.

How long have you been composing for?

At 16, a track I composed was placed in a short fashion campaign promotional video. It’s been 10 years since and I feel like each day I am learning new techniques and creative ways to evolve.

Who has inspired you musically over the years?

In my childhood I used to listen to a lot of Funk, R&B, Rock, Pop music, from Michael Jackson to Queen, Britney Spears and Earth Wind & Fire. During middle school, I started listening to film composers such as John Williams, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer.

What do you think of today’s music? Do you have a favorite artist/musician of

I think the whole music industry is developing and changing extremely rapidly. The technology nowadays gives anyone the chance to create professional sounding records from their bedroom and the internet -streaming platforms make music accessible anywhere around the globe - all of the above lead to breaking genre and language barriers, creating new sounds. As for me, I am currently listening to a lot of Latin pop artists lately like, Shakira, J Balvin, Enrique Iglesias.

Do you compose and write for other artists?

Of course! Always. I have never really written music for ‘myself’ and I see music writing and creation as collaborating process. Even though I have written original music for synth as an individual, it is usually a collaborative process, working with and for a creative director and other producers.

Who would you love to work with if you had the opportunity?
As for composing for motion pictures, I really like John Powell and his works. I think having the opportunity to work beside him would be very interesting and inspiring for me.

Thanks so much for your time, Or!
Thank you!

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