The Oscars Avoided Another Envelope Mix-Up by Using This Comically Large Font

After last year's unforgettable envelope fused-happening, the Oscars were especially sure to profit things right this year. The Academy and accounting reach PricewaterhouseCoopers devised a scheme back postscript rules and regulations to ensure that envelopes would not profit free or mistakenly presented during the wrong category. In connect in crime, they debuted a giant added f*cking font.

As categories were announced throughout the evening, viewers noticed the subsidiary Oscars envelopes features a foolproof font displaying the category highly visibly nearly the benefit, as a outcome that everyone watching in performing and at residence could plainly right to use it. Even for that notes, Guillermo del Toro made certain to check the envelope by now obliging his idolize for best describe. Do you blame him?

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  1. Wow this is a good management, at least the mistake is no longer there.