Ambassador Of Art: Camilo Cornejo

Ambassador Of Art: Camilo Cornejo

Camilo Cornejo is a true artist. Inspired by an aesthetic approach, Camilo is motivated to use art to promote social and political influence.

Colombian-born, Camilo was inspired from a young age to express himself  with shapes and colors - allowing images to convey his voice rather than words.

I started to take private illustration classes and read about the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marques and Alejo Carpentier.

Camilo became immersed in the Latin American literary movement emerged in the mid-twentieth century that is characterized by the inclusion of fantastic elements in the narration - a reality profound in content and rich in artistic expressions.

The works of illustrator, Mathias Sielfeld, a native of Concepción, Chile truly gave birth to Camilos passion to become an artist and use his art to influence others. Sielfelds artistic illustration commented on various issues: immigrants, feminist mobilizations, the indigenous conflict - featuring the power of art in local contexts or environments.

Camilo is formally trained - a graduate of University of Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Colombia, LaSalle International College in Canada and San Francisco State University in the United States. A specialist in design management and in graphic design, Camilo is a designer, speaker, and mentor. His career accomplishments include working for international companies with positioning in Costa Rica, Peru, Salvador - notably, Casa Editorial El Tiempo, one of the major Colombian media conglomerates. Camilo has shared his expertise for,, and nationally recognized brands such as Salud Total, PIVO SAS, DmatrixUSA, in his native Colombia.

In 2017, Camilo was appointed Red Ilumno Brand Ambassador, in celebration of his work with youth in the post-conflict guerrilla process in Colombia. Camilo used the arts to generate space for forgiveness encounter and re-socialization.

Camilo’s art is exhibited at prestigious gallery at The Visual Arts Museum of Bogotá, and The Fernando Soto Aparicio Gallery. In 2015, Camilo served as part of the curatorial and jury process at The Festival Of Artistic And Social Projects Of The UPC.

Camilo’s passion for the film industry - specifically in the field of artistic direction, has been realized with his role as artistic director for seven short films that will contend at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. In 2017, Camilos work was featured in two films at The Cannes Film Festival.

It gives me the dream space to apply my illustrative, artistic, design and semiotics capacities, all in the same project that I call holistic.

Camilo Cornejo sees design and art as an invitation to interact with humanity and generate multidisciplinary bridges that achieve a prolific, richer, deeper work, cultural transfer, graphic identity and an intimate look at the world. 


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  2. Camilo is very creative and I also love his Arts

  3. He uses is Art to educate the Youth in Colombia

  4. Camilo has a lot to offer when it comes to creativity, I have some of his art.

  5. Camilo Camilo, you are such a creative person and the best of your kind, we love you.